The Apple Isle chooses Juice and Sushi

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SUPA IGA St Helens, situated in the north eastern corner of Tasmania,  area well known for their abundance of some of Australia’s best seafood is soon to welcome a fresh sushi and juice outlet within its supermarket. Husband and wife team of Kemuel and Cassey Wood, owners and operators of the SUPA IGA, had been on the lookout for a new offering to add value to their loyal local customer’s shopping experience. In partnering with Pacific Retail, SUPA IGA St Helens will soon be rolling Go Sushi and squeezing fresh Kick juices as soon as you enter their store.


Quote: Cas, the team and I are very excited. We can’t wait to open and are very confident both the sushi and fresh juices will succeed in our beautiful little Tassy town of St Helens. ” Kemuel Wood, Owner, SUPA IGA St Helens, TAS.

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