Morgan’s IGA opens it’s second Go Sushi!

Pacific Retail

After seeing success with their first Go Sushi at their SUPA IGA in Melton, Victoria, Neal and brother Jay have continued their journey in made-on-site sushi and launched Go Sushi at their Gisborne site (also Victoria). Enjoying the fruits of their labour at the initial Melton site, Jay Morgan summarises the benefits and unforeseen benefits the fresh sushi kiosk creates.

“Since we opened our Go Sushi bar just inside our supermarket, it has created a large amount of interest around our entire newly refurbished store. We are noticing increased foot traffic through the entrance of the store. Standing at our sushi bar, we see customers in the shopping centre walking past, then pausing when they see the sushi bar and coming in for a look. To our surprise, many of them are purchasing not only Sushi, but other small snacking lines. These are customers that would have previously walked straight past our store.”

Jay Morgan, Morgan’s IGA.