Kingaroy, Queensland joins the juice journey too!

Pacific Retail

SUPA IGA Kingaroy, situated two and half hours drive inland from the Sunshine Coast, is yet another case of a supermarket on the search for alternatives to help maximise their opportunity. In the midst of a DSA refurb SUPA IGA Kingaroy were looking for something different to give back to their customers with an enhanced in store experience.

The team at SUPA IGA Kingaroy, led by John Hyslop, are now finalising plans for a juice and sushi outlet, situated in the middle of their NEW fresh food hall. The team were excited by the ‘two birds with one stone’ efficiency of space and costs that the juice and sushi outlet option presents. In addition they are welcoming the benefit of the reduction of produce wastage with the juice outlet being able to use the ‘ugly’ or old fruit rather than it simply being discarded. The back to back Go Sushi and Kick Juice outlet is expected to be a hit when it opens this year, a perfect icing on the cake for SUPA IGA Kingaroy’s 10th anniversary.